• Sticks And Stones

    It Was A Time Of Peace And Love

    Hammond Station, Georgia 1969

    In this very untraditional love story, two teenagers at the doorstep of adulthood ignite a firestorm of scandal in which romance, religious faith, bigotry, and conscience collide...


    Amidst the social upheavals of the 1960s, eighteen-year-old Hanna Page dreams of stretching beyond the limitations imposed upon young women by her fundamentalist upbringing and the traditions of the Old South. But, finding herself with few options, she trades her dreams for an opportunity to escape a dysfunctional family life. Gabriel Mathews, a transplanted boy from the desert Southwest, also has a dream. His dream is a life with Hanna.

    Midnight rendezvous at out of the way places, rumors of sex, infidelities, indiscretions, and open and notorious conduct shock the sensibilities of an entire community. Hanna and Gabriel’s story has all the ingredients of a truly great scandal. But, something more extraordinary makes their story worth telling—two hearts filled with that rare heat that
    keepslove safe, warm and the same forever, no matter what is written on the final page.


    Available in at Amazon in paperback and Kindle ebook. Other formats coming soon.

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    Sticks And Stones by Prentice Mills
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